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Salma Hayek Breastfeeding An African Baby Boy

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SALMA Hayek was so taken aback by the plight of an African woman in Sierra Leone who was unable to breastfeed her child that the star breastfed the newborn herself.

The incident was captured on camera by a television crew from US TV show Nightline whom Hayek allowed accompany her on the goodwill trip in September.

See the Nightline footage here.

Nightline have aired the footage on their program and YouTube clips have been circulating the internet, prompting a divisive response from bloggers and parenting websites.

The 42-year-old actress, who was nursing her own daughter Valentina at the time, offered to help when the baby’s mother stopped producing milk.
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good on her, what compassion. if i was a breast-feeding mother and found myself in that kind of situation, i wouldnt hesitate either. if only the hollywood was filled with more cel…

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cw of west coast

“The baby was perfectly healthy, but the mother didn’t have milk. He was very hungry. I was weaning Valentina, but I still had a lot of milk that I was pumping, so I breast-fed the baby.

“You should have seen his eyes. When he felt the nourishment, he immediately stopped crying,” said Hayek.

The actress and UNICEF spokesperson visited the West African country in September as part of her involvement in the fight against tetanus, one of the reasons Sierra Leone has the highest infant and child death rate in the world.


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